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Why choose Naijahfresh?

NaijahFresh has been disrupting the food and logistics industry long before ‘disrupting’ was even a thing. We do this by going direct to the local markets in Enugu and the neighboring states for the world’s best. No middlemen, no unnecessary supply chain. Only the highest quality produce on the market. Period.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding reliability and an unbeatable customer experience. Any feedback on how to improve our platform and services, as well as suggestions on how we can better communicate with you in the future, is welcome and appreciated.

The intent is to provide a farm fresh experience to our customers, who yearn for quality in what they consume. We distinguish between quality of vegetables and Fruits as per their grading and endeavor to get the best graded product at an attractive price to our discerning patron.

Our sourcing is directly from the farmers and from the best vendors and channels partners in the wholesale market.

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