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About Us

Freshly products at A Very Low Price is Our Thing


We were told that we were crazy…we are glad we didn’t listen

From our humble beginning as a logistic business solution company back then in 2015, our determination and goal to deliver promptly and effeciently brought us deeper and closer into all the alleys, nook and cranny here in Enugu and around its environs. This beautiful association led us to meander through all these routes and as a result, learned where all the local farmers, markets, and vendors are located. During our several sojourns crisscrossing the rural, we found out that the prices of these food products end up being so expensive when they eventually get to our tables. It shouldn’t be so. At such realization, we set out to solve this problem as it affects you and me. Our findings were indeed a Call To Action.

Practice Makes Perfect

Why Choose Us

Low Price

It might seem like a dream, but the savings at Naijah Fresh are very, very real.

Here’s how we keep our prices so low. NaijahFresh is one of the largest opportunistic buyers of grocery items in Enugu State. We buy these excess products for kobos on the naira, passing the savings on to you making sure to price them at or below the lowest price in town. This means you can do all of your shopping in one place, knowing you’re getting the best price. We have the best prices around, no hoops, hurdles or gimmicks!

Superb Customer Service

We take great pride in the level of support we provide to our customers. Our team is available 24/7. We typically respond in less than an hour and are often available for instant live chat.

Long Term Relationship

And for the long term.
The team at Naija Fresh have one goal — keeping our customers happy. We want you to be with us for a long time.
Because we believe in clean, fresh and nutritional food, the products in our store are of the best quality available.
​We are very much aware of the sensitivity people attach to what they eat especially around this corner of the world and so we treat each order with high care and attention.

Knowledge is everything

Our Experience



Naija Fresh has a proven track record in superior service, on-time deliveries, consistently high-quality products, and unsurpassed customer service. 


We got your back

Whether you like to cook, wish you had time to cook, or hate to cook, we’ve got a box type that will help you eat and be well! 


Technology driven

In this era of technology we provide the convenience to our consumers for ordering Fruits, Vegetables and other food item at the click of a button. Online purchase offers the following benefits:

Our Mission

The intent is to provide a farm-fresh experience to our customers, who yearn for quality and affordable price in what they consume. We distinguish between the quality of vegetables and Fruits as per their grading and endeavor to get the best-graded product at an attractive price to our discerning patron.

Every single day, we make what seemed impossible a reality.
A simple ambition to make everyone feel ten times better.
We’re only just getting started.